The Master's trick

With the introduction of automatic coffee machines for espresso (for non experts: since the handle above the brewing unit has "disappeared") daily cleaning of the nozzle unit has become even more important.
This operation is so important that the machine has to carry it out automatically. The correct cleaning of the nozzle unit is one of the secrets to obtain a good espresso.
The chromium-plating that covers the filter unit and the nozzle unit do not absorb coffee.

Some baristas do not have the habit to wash the parts that are in contact with the coffee powder wich is wrong, since they are convinced to enhance its quality in terms of flavour and aroma.
Incorrect cleaning of the filter and the nozzle results in the emission of an unpleasant smell due to residual deposits (as coffee is an oil-based substance) remained on the unit at a temperature over 90°C with negative consequences for the quality of the poured out espresso.

To improve your espresso is important to follow some simple rules.
Once you take off the filter use a brush on the nozzle unit to eliminate the coffee powder that has accumulated under the shower, the trimming and its rim. Furthermore, the shower of the nozzle unit consists of two parts: one that can be "seen" and easily cleaned, and the upper one inside where the brush cannot reach. This part gets dirty in the same way as after pouring, then the machine automatically carries out a depressurization of the unit (by means of an electric valve) avoiding a residual squirt of boiling hot water and coffee after taking off the filter when it is filled with a new dose of coffee.
This is where "PULY CAFF the secret for a successful coffee" comes in which, contrary to ordinary degreasers on the market, thanks to its vigorous dissolving reaction, is able to eliminate the coffee and greasy particles that obstruct the shower and all the ways where the water goes through preventing the electric valve to discharge properly and may put our safety at risk.

"PULYCAFF the secret for a successful coffee" has modified its composition through the years (founded in 1961) by adapting to the needs of coffee machine manufacturers. That is why is really proud to have the NSF International certification since 2001, with its P152 protocol guarranties the non dissolution of chrome particles (with which the pouring unit is coated) during the cleaning process with all the advantages to the health of our greatest collaborator and employer: MR CUSTOMER.

"PULY CAFF the secret for a successful coffee" because cleaned coffee tastes better